Physical Security

Protecting Businesses

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For some commercial properties, additional physical security can be deployed to provide a visual deterrent and physical barrier to criminal activity.

Security Shutters

Security shutters provide an obvious deterrent to would-be thieves and a physical barrier to criminal intrusion. Combined with intruder alarm systems these can be programmed to automatically lower when the system is set and automatically open when the alarm is unset. Shutters are available in a range of styles and finishes and these can be retrofitted to existing premises with minimum disturbance to the existing aesthetics.


Shutters are available for external applications, such as shopfronts and workshops, or for internal fitting such as hotel bar areas or pharmacies where you may need to prevent out-of-operating-hours access while other parts of the business are still open.


Barriers come in many forms from a simple rising arm to rising bollards that are engineered to stop a speeding vehicle dead in its tracks. All barrier systems we supply are electronic and generally integrated into a wider security scheme incorporating access control or perhaps ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) where, on detection of an authorised vehicle, the barrier will automatically open or release.

Electric Gates

Similar to barriers, gates offer both a visual and physical deterrent to intrusion while being aesthetically pleasing and controlling access and egress to the property or premises. From swing gates to slide gates, hydraulic to electric, J-Tech will specify a solution that’s right to protect the most vulnerable access points to your premises.


All our physical security devices are installed to the latest safety standards incorporating safety cells and edges to prevent crushing or injury through accident or misuse.

"I've worked with James / J-Tech for over 5 years and throughout that time they have delivered on everything they promised. They are now regarded as a partner, rather than a supplier"

- David Hall, Managing Director