Intruder Alarms

Protecting Homes

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J-Tech’s intruder alarms solutions are designed around your home, ensuring your system is intuitive, user-friendly and effective.


We’ll start by surveying your home and its immediate surroundings, carrying out a risk assessment to determine any areas of concern and make our recommendations accordingly.

Pets can be a concern for homeowners but our motion sensors are pet-friendly so won’t trigger false alarms when pets are left home alone.


All our intruder alarm systems use the latest technology and are approved and fitted to SSAIB standards, ensuring your system will receive a speedy response if your alarm is activated.

Smartphone Control

Our intruder alarm systems can be monitored through a smartphone app so you’re always in control. Not only that, but you will receive notifications when the system is unset and you’re even able to set/unset the alarm system from wherever you are in the world.

Physical Security

Adding physical security to your property offers an extra level of protection. Large estates, out-of-the-way property, long driveways or tucked-away paths, provide cover and anonymity for the would-be burglar but installing physical security such as electric gates will help safeguard your property.


Electric or hydraulic gates offer a visual and physical deterrent to intrusion while being aesthetically pleasing and controlling access and egress to your property. From swing gates to slide gates, hydraulic to electric, J-Tech will specify a solution that’s right to protect the most vulnerable access points onto your property.


All our physical security devices are installed to the latest safety standards incorporating safety cells and edges to prevent crushing or injury through accident or misuse.

We can arrange 24-hour monitoring to give you total peace of mind, particularly useful if you travel, have several properties or want that extra level of assurance. Your alarm can also be commissioned for a Police response should the alarm be activated as part of the monitoring package.


If you’ve inherited an alarm as part of your house move or relocation and don’t have codes or know how to use it, we can overhaul your intruder alarm system, bringing it up-to-date and compliant with the latest regulations and walk you through using the system.

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“We have been using J-tech Systems since 2016 as our Fire Alarm Service engineers. We've been so impressed with the service we received we have started to upgrade and add new CCTV with them. Their professionalism, knowledge and workmanship has impressed me every time, you'll not be disappointed."

- Tom Owens, Premises Manager