Intruder Alarms

Protecting Businesses

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J-Tech’s intruder alarms solutions are custom-designed for your commercial building by our team of experts.

Our site survey will assess and identify the risks, determine any areas of concern and we’ll report our findings and recommendations.


Alarm codes can be a concern where staff turnover is high or you employ temporary contractors, but our alarms come with proximity tags or fobs which can be allocated to each member of the team, preloaded with access levels meaning staff or contractors can have access limited to certain areas. Swipes in and out of the building or specific areas will provide a log of movement around the site and may highlight underused areas that could be put to better use, or unusual patterns of staff behaviour.

All our intruder alarm systems use the latest technology and are approved and fitted to SSAIB standards, ensuring your system will receive a speedy response if your alarm is activated.


We can arrange 24-hour monitoring to give you an extra level of assurance and your alarm system can also be commissioned for a Police response should the alarm be activated as part of the monitoring package.

If you’ve relocated and inherited an alarm system, we can overhaul and upgrade an existing system to ensure it’s working properly and meets all the latest standards.

Smartphone Control

Our intruder alarm systems can be monitored through a smartphone app so you’re always in control.

“The Fire, Security and CCTV is an integral package on every property that we work on. J-Tech has proven to be a very helpful, diligent and forward thinking contractor, from design stage through to handover. They are always very responsive to any issues that occur onsite and adopt a proactive approach to works.”

- Jamie Swift​, Senior Quantity Surveyor