Protecting Businesses

According to an article in Fire Magazine, the Chief Fire Officers’ Association (CFO) estimated around 60% of private businesses never recover from a fire with loss of critical data, working hours and replacement costs being just too great.


Realistically, could your business continue to trade effectively following a fire? How quickly would your competitors step in and take market share while your business is out of action?


It makes business sense to ensure proper insurance cover and the correct fire alarms, extinguishers and/or fire suppression equipment are in place. Install fire safes to store valuable documents and data backups. In some circumstances, you may also want an operational sprinkler system installed.


J-Tech will carry out a full site survey to help you determine the best protection for your business and its assets. After all, failing to budget properly for fire safety is, quite literally, playing with fire.


  • Fire alarms

  • Extinguishers

  • Gas suppression

  • Risk assessments

  • Service

  • Maintenance

  • 24-hour emergency call response

We are BAFE SP203 approved for all aspects of fire system design, installation, commissioning and maintenance. Being audited by BSI means we are also one of very few fire companies to hold a UK Kitemark for Fire Systems so you can be assured of a quality service.

"I've worked with James / J-Tech for over 5 years and throughout that time they have delivered on everything they promised. They are now regarded as a partner, rather than a supplier"

- David Hall, Managing Director

Fire Alarms

Smoke detectors and fire alarms save lives and save businesses. The majority of businesses devastated by fire never reopen, unable to trade through the loss of equipment, records and valuable business trading hours.

Fire Risk Assessments

All business premises must hold a current Fire Risk Assessment by law and it should be reviewed regularly in case changes to the building layout, occupation or use has changed materially affecting any fire safety measures or plan.

Extinguishers and Gas Suppression

Business can suffer irreparably when a fire strikes. Critical areas of a business, such as plant, power generation, data suites, or server rooms are all areas in which a devastating fire could ignite, with disastrous consequences to you and your business.