Extinguishers and Gas Suppression

Protecting Businesses

Business can suffer irreparably when a fire strikes. Critical areas of a business, such as plant, power generation, data suites, or server rooms are all areas in which a devastating fire could ignite, with disastrous consequences to you and your business.

J-Tech will survey the area to be protected and will advise on integrity, volume to be covered, and ultimately, will design the correct system for the task.


There are five different types of fire extinguisher and each is used to extinguish a different source of fire. To meet fire safety regulations, you need to have the correct type of extinguisher installed for your business operations.

J-Tech will carry out a Fire Risk Assessment and guide you through the specification of the best extinguishers for your business, and ensure they are regularly serviced to ensure compliance with all the latest legislation. We will also take into account your building’s age and aesthetics, as there are many different finishes and mounting options available to suit wall-mounting or floor-standing positions.


A fire suppression system will extinguish fire in a limited, self-contained area, before serious damage occurs, limiting any impact on the wider premises and safeguarding areas such as archive rooms, comms rooms and data centres.

A properly installed and maintained suppression system, using environmentally friendly inert gases or foams, will ensure the fire cannot take hold, ultimately saving lives and mission-critical data.

J-Tech suppression systems do not contain any agent with CFCs or that is deemed harmful to the environment. Our systems employ inert gases, such as argonite, or a “foam” based product such as FM200. It is also possible to use traditional agents such as Carbon Dioxide but generally, this is only when circumstances prevent the use of other agents.

"J-Tech have proved themselves to be professional, in budget and on time, which is essential for us as an interior design consultancy. The difference between J-Tech and other companies we have worked with, is that the service is personal, everything is explained to allow you to make choices which affect your audio visual experience. As a reliable company, they are at the top of my list to send our private high end clients to for a tailored service."

- Krissy Forder, Director