Door Entry and Access

Protecting Homes

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Commercial, academic and industrial locations may need to monitor or control building or site access and J-Tech has solutions to ensure you have total control over who can freely access your building, deterring walk-in thieves and protecting sensitive information, company assets or vulnerable people.

Door Entry

Audio or video entry systems allow visitors to be screened before granting access to your building, particularly valuable for offices on high-level floors with a ground floor entrance or retailers with high-value stock, such as tech, gems and jewellery.

Smartphone Control

You may need to monitor the location of staff, students or patients throughout your facility, or limit access to sensitive or high-risk areas, and our access control systems will provide you with easy-to-operate control.

Our Design Team can configure systems allowing for between one and hundreds of individual doors with up to thousands of users, across one or multiple sites. Each door can have its own configuration, and this can even include a secure reader on both sides of the door utilising the latest technologies such as biometric and RFID solutions.

Our systems can operate a time and attendance mode, effectively providing a timesheet function for your staff, simply by presenting a token or card at a reader when arriving, and then again when leaving. This creates a log of personnel inside the building – and where they are in the building – in the case of an emergency evacuation.

All access control systems can interface with an existing fire system, to ensure safety and proper release of doors should a fire occur.

Community Care

Often referred to as Nurse Call or Warden Call Systems, community care systems are a vital link in the provision of independent living for elderly or vulnerable people.

The systems can be specified to account for multiple residences, each with multiple call buttons, both fixed to the building and remotely operated. It is also possible to include repeating panels, meaning that the system can be monitored from more than one location.

Systems are customisable and can also be expanded to include the addition of other modules, such as disabled toilet alarms, radio paging modules and “wanderer” wire-free monitoring systems for particularly vulnerable patients such as dementia sufferers.

“The Fire, Security and CCTV is an integral package on every property that we work on. J-Tech has proven to be a very helpful, diligent and forward thinking contractor, from design stage through to handover. They are always very responsive to any issues that occur onsite and adopt a proactive approach to works.”

- Jamie Swift​, Senior Quantity Surveyor