Protecting Businesses

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Security and staff welfare are high priorities for most businesses and CCTV provides a watchful and visible deterrent that can even be linked to your entry or access control systems.


J-Tech will carry out a site survey and recommend a bespoke installation for your organisation. We’ll guide you through the different camera types available such as dome, bullet, covert and pan-tilt-zoom to suit your circumstances and the layout of the building as well as providing a system to deliver the coverage required.

All our CCTV systems use infrared (IR) LEDs to provide effective night vision, ensuring the best possible footage should it be required and can be integrated with fire and security systems so feeds can be checked to confirm activations and help determine the best course of action. Our latest cameras incorporating colour-vu technology even provide full colour images in complete darkness.


Spot Monitors installed in retail premises alert shoppers to the presence of CCTV and act as a visual deterrent to casual shoplifters.


All our systems are compliant with the requirements of GDPR but you also have responsibilities as the Data Controller. The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has an online data protection self-assessment CCTV checklist, and we will guide you through your obligations.

"We have worked with J-Tech for the past 3 years and have been extremely impressed by their attention to detail and response. Projects are always completed on time and they have worked with us to ensure  the Fire and Security measures are robust, compliant and non-intrusive.”

- Geoffrey Bailey, Facilities Manager